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Why Is My Spacer Smaller Than I Expected?

This is one of our most popular tech questions, so we created a graphic and video to help explain the geometry.   The short answer is that the strut caps are shorter than the specified lift because the struts are mounted about halfway down the control arm. In the picture below, you can see that […]

Posters From Traxda

At Traxda we are always trying to make it easier for our dealers to sell our product. We have recently started producing a series of posters to highlight some of our newest or most popular kits. We thought we’d show you them below, enjoy!  

Traxda Knowledge Test

Welcome to the Traxda Lift And Level Kits Knowledge Test! Do you know everything there is to know about our products and aftermarket suspension modification? Want to prove it to the world and get a printable certificate at the end of it?? First, register as a user on the Traxda blog. Make sure your User […]

U-Bolt Tech & Torque Settings

Here’s some useful U-Bolt tech. Why Are Traxda U-Bolts Better? All Traxda U-Bolts are made to SAE-J429 standards of material that is cold drawn, stress relieved, micro-alloyed, 1541 Modified Steel. The physical requirements of the metal are: • 150,000 PSI Minimum Tensile Strength. • 130,000 PSI Minimum Yield Strength. • 120,000 PSI Proof Load. • […]

Understanding Steel Cut Quality Vs. Strength

  At Traxda, we manufacture our own parts and kits. After cutting over 10,000 sheets of steel in the last decade, we have learned a few things about the process. The torsion key on the left was cut from regular steel. This is the sort of steel that you find at a regular store that […]

Tire Sizing Guide And Advice

We at Traxda always recommend fitting your suspension kit BEFORE buying a new set of wheels and tires. This way you can visit your local tire store and work out exactly what size rim and tire you want before purchasing. In the spreadsheet linked below you will see our most popular kits listed along with relevant bolt […]